Do you ever wonder about the meanings of dreams? Do you ever think about possible hidden messages which could become more clear to us, with a little thought? I'm certain that some dreams may have special meanings. I once had a dream in which my dad was chasing me. I was really afraid. Does this denote some sort of subconcious fear? Where do dreams come from, what are they, and can we control them?

Sometimes, the dreamer is aware that he is asleep. In such a dream, you are able to actually control what happens. If you wanted a cow to appear, a cow would appear! ;) You could do whatever you desired, without any consequences. This is called a 'Lucid Dream', or a conscious dream. There are many exercises that can help you achieve concious dreams, although they will sometimes occur naturally. Dreams like this can often prove useful in solving problems and overcoming fears. They will give you a great sense of pleasure and satisfaction, so I wish you lots of conscious dreams!

In this section I will write about some of my dreams; lucid as well as normal. I hope you have a good time here! :)

I'm recommending you great book about Lucid Dreams: "The Sun and the Shadow: My Experiment With Lucid Dreaming" by Keneth Kelzer.

[Thank you, Mike :)]

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