[ Genghis_Khan [12-04-06 20:05]

Amazing site! You have a gift, that's for sure! I'm very interested in the "Lucid Dream" thing. Have you tried something with underwater photographs? Greets from Austria.

[ totos571 [14-03-06 14:51]

Your site is very beautiful!!! Greetings from Greece :)

[ flying fortress [16-01-06 13:41]

Hi amazon, very interesting website, very detailed. greets form Germany

[ Kung_Fu_Jesus [20-05-05 16:36]

This is a truly wonderful website. You are very talented. :) You're a very special person...

[ Dare Devil [04-05-05 23:12]

You have a really nice site here but it does only seem to work with the Internet Explorer. Other than that: Good work! :)

[ Ikmel [29-04-05 18:38]

I could just have seen those drawings from little Anna and Id have predicted great talent and potential. A colorful and positive person.

[ Nael [20-04-05 15:57]

the site is getting more nice everytime :-) the last pic is amaZing ;-) get the good work coming with the pics of course :-D :hug: :kiss:

[ RIPCORD [18-04-05 08:54]

wow youve got class up the irons

[ Rigo [31-03-05 05:25]

beatifull site... it seems like you studie Web Design ot something?... anyway this is a wonderfull work...congratulations. Chao, besos.

[ Manu [30-03-05 16:13]

Nice child's drawings

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