15-08-08 13:37
I've just added a review of Iron Maiden gig in Warsaw (7.08.2008). Enjoy!
 16-12-07 12:07
For those who plan to see Iron Maiden in Poland: http://amazona.one.pl/iron-maide... Especially for those who cannot wait to see them here. ;-)
 29-08-07 12:14
A few small changes and updates. Check out the Pictures section, for example.
 09-04-07 17:27
Check out the "Photoshop" section to see my new artwork called "Tomorrow"!
 17-03-07 11:55
I have just added a few new pictures to the "Photos" section.
 10-04-06 23:59
A new artwork called "Orange". Enjoy!
 31-03-06 18:51
One new graphics in Photoshop. And also check out "Me" section!
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