My name is Anna, I live and study in Tychy, the city in southern Poland.

In my opinion the best bands ever are Iron Maiden and Opeth - I have never heard any group as brilliant as they are. Besides, I also like: Anathema, Bruce Dickinson, Dream Theater, Dio, Iced Earth, Helloween, The Tea Party, Penumbra, Judas Priest, early Metallica, Therion ("Vovin" is a real masterpiece!), Led Zeppelin, Dead Can Dance, Enigma, Gotan Project, Oliver Shanti and... Greek, Arabic and Hindu music (Prem Joshua's music is simply wonderful!).

I am interested in spiritual growth, personal development and dreams. I enjoy riding a bicycle, swimming, skating, dancing (including belly dance), writing (so far only short stories), learning foreign languages, watching football and doing creative things. I read a lot (Jonathan Carroll is my favourite writer). I love Greece, red wine and the Sun...

Besides, I am addicted to the Internet, fruits and music. I have thirteen years older sister and twelve years older brother - they are the best in the world :-)