06-02-06 22:48
Completely new appearance of the main page. I'm also planning to introduce other changes in the near future :-)
 05-02-06 21:59
A new artwork has just been put ("Purple") and an old one deleted. Hope you'll like it!
 18-01-06 14:56
I have just added a new artwork ("Staffan"). As you have probably noticed, the background on the main page has changed, just because I felt it didn't suit this page anymore. The current background is a temporary one I believe.
 20-10-05 23:38
"Iron Maiden" section with my translated reviews of the concerts has been added. Enjoy! \m/
 20-06-05 16:27
New graphics ('Forest of October') in Photoshop section.
 03-05-05 01:10
New graphics in "Photoshop".
 18-04-05 22:06
Finally! The "Photoshop" section is available. Enjoy!
 16-04-05 00:53
Thank you, guys, for all the e-mails and signs in my hyde park. I really appreciate it :-) I will try to update my site regularly!
 16-04-05 00:06
Just updated "my pictures" section.
 12-12-04 17:52
New graphics in "photoshop" section. Unfortunately, lately I have no time for updates, but I will try to change it :-)
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